Monday, February 18, 2013

Graphic Eyeshadow Smokey Eye

I love dramatic makeup. Especially after an intense New York Fashion Week where I wore the most basic daytime makeup. I've gotta have some fun after that!

Rather than a typical heavily blended smokey eye, I went for the graphic line as it, in my opinion, more dramatic.  Products used: Wolfe Brothers Face Art & FX Essentials PaletteBare Minerals Flawless Definition MascaraRevlon Eyelash CurlerBare Minerals 'Red Zin' LipstickSephora Kohl Eyeliner

And Nik taught me how to make a GIF. Who's super techy now? So what do you do when it's been a long week?


  1. YOUR HAIR! It looks awesome. And look at that gif. Magnificent.

  2. Hello, I just met your blog. That beautiful and stylish.

    I really liked your blog, I get your permission in my blog here. I'd love acompaƱarias in My World. I'm excited. Follow me?

    Shocking makeup, I love

    Good weekend

  3. Thanks to you both!
    I LOVE my dark hair. It makes me feel very dramatic and sultry like a Bond girl. It's pretty cool :P


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