Monday, January 27, 2014

Style Of Your Own Has Moved!

Hello there! If you are looking for my site, I should mention it has moved to Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will join the adventures on my newly designed wordpress site.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to Fall Styling: Two Tone Jeans and Urban Boots

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red hair, fashion blogger,  Jacket: thrifted | Shirt: TJ Maxx | Jeans: Aeropostale | Brooch: vintage | Boots: Matisse | Sunglasses:  Guess | Hair:  by Jana 

My girl Jana is in town and besides being a top hairstylist {check out the amazing relaxed, curls she gave me}, she can take a mean photograph. She's my artist soul sister and whenever we get together, there are many adventures made. My plan is to force convince her to move here so that we can take NYC by a storm. She has a wandering heart, so what better place to be than the city that never sleeps? 

These boots are the comfiest I have ever worn and you can bet they will mold to my feet this season. As much as I love fall being here, I can't ever stop wearing a bold lip color. It helps when I get very pale {not complaining!} and on the days the sun doesn't shine. Lesson here: bold lips work all year.

Are you ready for fall?

fashion blogger, outfit of the day, boots, two tone jeans, fitted jacket

two tone jeans, brown urban boots

red hair, outfit of the day

fashion blogger, outfit of the day

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Make Your Foundation Stay On Longer

mollie booth parks, makeup artist, makeup for green eyes, makeup photo a day, how to make your foundation stay longer, how to keep your makeup from sweating off

How do you keep your makeup from sweating off in this gosh awful heat?

For me, I like a face primer to keep the makeup from running all over my face. And let me tell you I sweat like a man. So it's very needed!

Two of my favorite primers are from BareEscentual's and  Smashbox.

Tip: Using a foundation brush rather than your fingers to apply the primer, will help you to use less product and give a more even coverage. Thus making a smoother foundation for your foundation to go on :)

Now you are ready to face the sun without dread! Ok that is wishful thinking. If you live anywhere like NYC, you're dripping the moment you leave the house. Here's to better looking makeup at least!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bridal Makeup

bridal makeup, red lips, wedding day makeup

After practicing  bridal makeup today I thought I would share. The lashes are not a favorite after using them, however I was pleased with the overall look.

Would you wear this look at your wedding? Or for some other special event?

bridal makeup, red lips, wedding day makeup

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Makeup Photo a Day 55: How to Get Eyeshadow in Your Crease

makeup photo a day, how to get eyeshadow in your crease, how to use a dome brush, green eyeshadow

 The key to effectively getting a specific color in your crease without spreading it everywhere on your eyelid, is a a dome eyeshadow brush [see photo below]. It's a wonderful, rounded brush that tapers at the end-hence the name dome-and it's an important brush to own! There you have it. That's how the magic happens.

makeup photo a day, how to get eyeshadow in your crease, how to use a dome brush, green eyeshadow