Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Escapades

I had a lovely weekend visiting my friend Jana and went to a seminar at my old design school by Jamileh Kamran. It was splendid to see Ms. Kamran and Ms. Edna again and to meet other students.

I had the honor of speaking to the group about what I have done since attending the school. (coughLondoncough :) There was a show at the end and I walked with the piece I made from my Creative Drape class in London. Gahhhh it was fun!

Jana and I dressed up on Sunday for brunch and French studying. We firmly believe that dressing up cheers up a drizzly study day. 
It was a swell break from finals and now the seriousness begins. So cheers for fun times!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

70's Chill

On one of the last days of warm weather I decided to don a look to which I am not normally drawn. Maxi skirts and the 70s do not play a large part in my aesthetic, but I like to dress outside of my comfort zone once in while in order to grow. I made it more "me" by wearing a large scarf to tie the colors together. Swell fact: the skirt is true vintage, my friend's mother made it in college, which I think rocks.

Tee: J Crew/ Skirt: vintage/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Rings: claddagh ring, London market, vintage flower ring/ Bracelets: random

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Casual Stripes

Here is my VERY FIRST official outfit of the day post. Thanks to Ashley for volunteering to be my official photographer!

       Dress: Banana Republic. Hat: H&M. Belt: purse strap. Tights: H&M.                   Shoes: Keds. Rings: London Piccadilly Market, Target. Bracelets: random. Watch: Michael Kors  Lips: Loreal Caramel Latte and Maybelline Eternal

Cityscapes Photo Shoot

I don't know if you know this, but I'm about to be a celebrity. Today I had my picture taken for my university's website and last week I was in a photo shoot for Cityscapes. I'm big time.

Ok I was in a couple shots that might go up on the UA website, but I WAS in a photo shoot for work because we're in an ad in Citiscapes Magazine. I'm a bridal consultant at one of the BEST places to work, She Said Yes with some of the SWELLEST people on earth. We were voted by Citiscapes readers as the best bridal shop in Arkansas (!!!!!!!) and we're putting an ad in the magazine to say thank you :).

Brandi (the owner) gave us a treat by having a makeup artist and hairstylist (they were awesome!) come dandy us up for the shoot, then took us out to dinner. It was one of the best nights of my life :)
Here's a behind the scenes look:

Starting the hair.

Jodie working his magic

Myka is always camera ready with her gorgeous smile

Brandi and Myka 

Curls are happenin'

Glennis couldn't stop giggling, that silly woman. Love her.

Brand before her makeup, um how does she
look so great?

Look up

A little lip gloss love.

Almost ready!

We were SOOO excited about all the fun!! We felt
like queens


Keep your balance Brandi!

All in all, it was a splendiferous party. I love my She Said Yes family. Can't wait to post the Cityscapes ad! We're famous!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Makeup Party Night

Makeup Night was a smashing success!!! I had friends over and created different looks on them and taught some of the makeup knowledge I've accumulated.

I want you ladies who attended to know that I learned SO much from you as well!! Because we are all made INcredibly unique it's a learning experience for me to apply makeup on faces other than my own. It's easy to get in a routine with my face, but when I'm applying on someone else, my eyes are opened (is that a pun? :) to new things. So THANK YOU. (I possibly had more fun than anyone because filling my apartment with girls and talking/applying makeup is HEAVEN).

We took some shots and hilariously (NOT) my camera hates the lights in my apartment so they are a TAD yellow. Until I am blessed with a higher quality camera, I'll be thankful for the one I own.

Here ya go!

I stole Mallory's pictures of herself from Facebook (shhhh don't tell) because I can't find my pictures of her :P She asked for a cat eye look so I did that plus a bold, pink lip and she looks gorgeous, no? (That's because she is).

Bri wanted a dramatic look so I put deep brown and gold on her eyes
then played up her beautifully FULL lips with my favorite lip color of the
moment NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

I love this look on you Bri :)

I was blessed to meet Miss Hilary just that night and she
was SO patient with me because I asked to take a million
pictures. It's not my fault the camera was being dumb!
So thank you Hilary :)

Hilary wanted a cat eye look as well and I think this
looks SO SO SO good on her. Some people just
have the right eyes for it you know?

Hilary, in case you're wondering why your pictures are in B/W, every picture I took of you had you looking  yellower than Big Bird.  

I caught her sleeping! :)

Kelly didn't ask for anything specific so I decided to do
light aubergine on her eyes. She doesn't generally go
beyond mascara so I didn't want to overwhelm her

I think these colors look gorgeous on you, roomie. You so pretty.

My other roommate, Ashley, gave me free reign of her face so I did a 
recreation of this look below from a brand I love, Illamasqua.  
The camera yellowed out the brilliance of the color on Ashley but it was pretty exact :)

Ashley thought this was a bit scary but I like runway-esque makeup 
and I think she looks gorgeous.  

I had a fabulous time! Can't wait for the next party :)


Friday, November 11, 2011

Combat Dreariness with Pink Lips

I become quite pale in the autumn/winter time (which I rather like) which is one more reason why I love bold colored lips.  It's a lovely way to spruce up a dreary day :)

I lined my eyes with Maybelline's EyeStudio Lasting Drama gel liner in blackest black and put champagne shadow all over my eye lids.  I wore Covergirl Lip Perfection in Eternal.

Do something incredible this weekend!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween Marie Antoinette Makeup

After seeing Kandee Johnson do this look on her blog last month, I finally knew what look I wanted to create for Halloween! So thank you Kandee :)

I was in a humongous hurry when I recreated the look so this post is not a step-
by-step tutorial. I can do it again if anyone really wants though :)

Here is Kandee's version of Marie Antoinette:

Products I used:
Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama gel liner in blackest black
Maybelline blue eyeshadows (I don't know the specific names)
Stila smudge pot in Kitten
Sephora fake eyelash strips on the top and bottom lashes
Covergirl Lip Perfection in Eternal

Mallory did this feathered look on hersefl!!! I was super impressed and it turned out splendidly!