Monday, March 14, 2011

RainY Monday‡ Sad Day

Even when it's gloomy outside, we don't have to let it make us gloomy as well. It's true. Now if we were in Seattle and the weather was gray more often that not, that might be different. Too little sun can really negatively affect our mood. But don't let the gray, hazy days get you down, ok? It's not worth it.

Recently, my friend Meagan gave up her time to model for me and I appreciate it so much! We had a blast!  I did the makeup, hair, styling, art direction, and photography and she glowed with her beauty in all the pictures. I could work on photo shoots for most of my life and be so happy. I love the preparation, the stress, the clothes and makeup flying all around and whisking through one outfit after another. Except for the photography, that is NOT my expertise or talent. I enjoy creating the look and having another talented soul capturing the photos. I didn't have someone on hand to do this shoot, so I attempted the photos and did an ok job. Thankfully, Meagan was stellar! Here are a couple of favorite shots:

Make shift studio at home.  :)
I hope everyone enjoys the rain today! Enjoy yourselves lovelies,



  1. I love your hair, makeup, outfit and you're rocking that red lipstick...truly beautiful.

  2. she's SO pretty! :) you're amazing, big sis.

  3. Love it! Are you sure you're American?!

  4. CJ_ What makes you question my nationality? :P


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