Monday, March 11, 2013

Outfit Post Outtakes & Learning Vulnerability

I originally decided to post these because I was hyper and thought they were hilarious and assumed other people needed a hearty laugh too. Bring on the next morning and I was very hesitant about this post. Vulnerability is difficult, dear ones. And daytime brings about a clarity that night shoots out the window. I did not want to show these photos.

Then I heard this TED talk titled The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. Please listen to it. 

Before it was even finished, I jumped on this post to write a little more.

I want to be a vulnerable blogger, makeup artist, wife, friend, human.  That doesn't mean I HAD to post these. But for me, I feel a great need to look perfect on the outside. I'm a makeup artist and aspiring creative director! It's how I'm supposed to be, right? Expect perfection.

But no, today I choose to show these hilarious photos for two reasons. 1: To allow myself to be vulnerable and 2: because laughter is extremely healthy.


I asked Nik to take some outfit shots of me and this is what ensued. I call it "Bad Day to Be a Blogger".

 Not all shots turn out well. Or even ok. But at least we had a great afternoon in Battery Park. Thanks Nik! [But I am never asking you to take outfit photos again.] I love you.

And you're welcome for these.


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