Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color Me Fast

One thing in line for spring is extremely bold colors. I for one adore bold and bright colors and am excited about the possibilities for this season.
If however, you are cautious when it comes to brightening your wardrobe, why not try playing with bold makeup? It's a more inexpensive way to test the waters and if you find it's not working--just wash it off. Simple.

My friend Jana is beautiful, no? 

We love exotic photo shoots as you can see 

I'm into bold lipstick colors at the moment. It brings color back to my winter white face. This one is  {Wild Plum} by L'oreal.

Adding a twinge of color to your cheeks and lips will help ward off the sickly pale look we all tend to get after the winter months drone on. It doesn't enhance your pale-ness  as you might think. If you choose a color that is in your skin, it will really complement and draw it out. I have a lot of pink in my skin so I enjoy a bold pink lip color. 

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