Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day!

Have I expressed how much I crave snow days! No school, days to stay in and paint, play with makeup and dress up. And the snow is incredibly fluffy! I played in the nearly two feet and took a running face-first  slide into the snow and..I moved a couple of inches :)

My work space

Last week's snow. It's quite deeper now.
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My makeup work space. It's cheerful and has great natural light.
See? Snow days make for time to decorate

I volumized and pouffed(sp?) the top right of my hair then pulled the rest into a  left-side chignon . They balanced out very well.
My 90's style thrifted earrings complemented the look nicely.

Snow days are splendid. Spend them well my friends.


  1. Hahaha! I've so enjoyed our snow here too! We are still working from home, but its hard not to steal a couple of minutes with a camera and my puppy dogs in our fluffy snow:) Love you bunches! I also love the hairstyle! It looks so natural and cute! I'd like to have something similar done to mine, but I'm afraid its too thick!

  2. Loving those earrings! Very nice.

    Danielle from


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