Friday, February 11, 2011

Makeup Night

This morning I sat outside (bundled up) reading my Bible and then Sherlock Holmes. Two of the best books in my opinion. In very different ways of course. I love having a balcony with a view of the gorgeous snow. It was a stellar way to start the day.

Last night included many Disney movies, sewing and makeup. It was a blast! I'll post about my sewing projects later (SUPER stoked about my button cuff bracelet and detachable lace collar :)

Here's to snow days where I can sit around and craft all day. Woot woot!!!

This is Kelly. She's a goober :). You can tell by her adorable smile.

I took her makeup inspiration from this pic courtesy of Refinery29 .

See? Cute!

My friend Drew let me use this picture for the next look

Doesn't she look great! This purple ended up being more gorgeous on her than I expected.

Then we played with hair :). I think I am obsessed with side chignons at this time
We ladies at DJ lane love makeup and Disney parties. Wanna join? GET OVER HERE.

Enjoy the long weekend.


  1. oh GLORY. i can't wait to come and play! and soon my hair will be long enough for side chignons!

  2. Is Drew really a friend?! Haha! Too cute! I'm almost 30 so that means I can't pull off anything too crazy...anything for older ladybugs?

  3. what a fun party! everyone's makeup looks so good! i am the worse at putting makeup on, i need to learn!

    okay that hair style in the last picture is did you do it! i just know!! i love messy up do's!



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