Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Escapades

I had a lovely weekend visiting my friend Jana and went to a seminar at my old design school by Jamileh Kamran. It was splendid to see Ms. Kamran and Ms. Edna again and to meet other students.

I had the honor of speaking to the group about what I have done since attending the school. (coughLondoncough :) There was a show at the end and I walked with the piece I made from my Creative Drape class in London. Gahhhh it was fun!

Jana and I dressed up on Sunday for brunch and French studying. We firmly believe that dressing up cheers up a drizzly study day. 
It was a swell break from finals and now the seriousness begins. So cheers for fun times!!



  1. awwww. lovely. That yellow punched me in the face with cheer! love it!

  2. Thanks ladies!
    Sarah- the yellow was especially cheerful to carry around on drizzly days in London..I just looked down and WHAM, instant cheer :)


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