Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Shoot World

Can I admit something? Most of the time I day dream in what I call "photo shoot world". I see a color, a fierce makeup look, a cunning tea cup, a well cut glove, darling vintage item, avant garde hairstyle, dainty flower bouquet, or dark wooden floor and my mind instantly creates a photo shoot around that item.  Mind you I do it with people too so watch out, I might be mentally styling you into one of the shoots. 

Since it's my passion, I assumed this was an excellent choice for a career. Right? Do what you love is what "they" say. (Who are "they"? Elizabethtown anyone?)

Hence I am creating photo shoots for my portfolio. I have a stunning model and best friend, Abby, who happens to be my sister as well (Not biological, but since when did that matter? We're family). I had no idea how skilled she was until this shoot. She blew my mind! Then bring on the photographer, Mallory, who is such a visionary and eats creativity for breakfast. She is a winner in my book. Aka she's a killer photographer. I get stinkin' stoked when we find time to collaborate. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present:

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