Monday, December 17, 2012

My Life Is Cooler In Instagram

Here are a few favorite moments from Instagram of late:

a style of your own blog, mollie booth parks

 1. My Danny Robert's recreation for my new series, Painted Face. Not going to lie, I am uber proud of
     it and the artist himself exclaimed "awesome!" on my Instagram. #Itotallysquealedwithjoy  
 2. On set of the short film A Piece of You. Makeup by me! Such fun :)
 3. Hung my mug rack so our home is now HOME. (I have a mug collection and each one has specific
      memories attached to it. I am VERY attached to them. One has traveled around the world with me.)
 4.  While assisting on set of an Exit Magazine shoot I had the honor of meeting Debra and Joyce, two
       fine ladies of Ari's Advanced Style posse. They are the epitome of style and originality. Love
       them both!
 5. My super talented photographer friend, Mallory, visited NYC soon after my move and we had an
      impromptu shoot in Central Park. Then she posted this picture on her new and amazing site. And
      now I think of myself as a celebrity of sorts. #ImtheRealDeal (check out her sweet talents here).
 6. My alter ego is a rock star (TOLD you I'm a celebrity-in my head counts).
 7. My portfolio site is complete and up on the web! Many thanks to my dashing and talented husband
     for creating it! View his talents here, and my stellar site here.
 8. It's too cold for open shoes unless you wear socks with them. Note: must make it funky or at
     least, spunky.
 9. I'm teaching myself a few tricks with my camera and the awesome Nagela of Silver Lining Studio
     snapped a candid while we dressed up Prospect Park with dainty dishes and tableware for a shoot.

There you have a peak into my life. The curated one at least. You can find me on Instagram by the same name, StyleOfYourOwn. The other days find me like the celebrity that I am trying to keep a normal life like everyone else.

For now,


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