Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makeup Photo a Day 52: Tips for Wearing Bright or Colorful Makeup

Spring makeup is such fun! I love color and I need to wear it more. Enough with the neutral trend ladies!

I know wearing color seems brash, or only for the tweens but there are ways to streamline it into adulthood.

First, you can use a small amount of color in a contained area. You don't want to look like you stepped out of an 80's film. Try wearing a bright colored eyeliner either on top or on bottom, but not both.

Second, color mascara is making a comeback. It's subtle, but super fun. And you would be surprised how many people don't notice it.

Third, always remember a colorful lipstick is the easiest way to add color without looking like you've completely changed your normal look. And there is a plethora of colors from which to choose these days.  Peach, pinky peach, bubblegum pink, violet red, coral red, cherry red, rose pink. You get the picture.

And fourthly, have fun! This is not permanent. And unless you are a celebrity, your picture will not hang in the "she wore what??" page of a magazine, forever a hallmark of your descent to being a D-list celeb.


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