Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Makeup Photo a Day 50: What to Wear to The Makeup Show

a style of your own blog, mollie booth parks, green smoky eyes, obsessive compulsive lip tar
This was my look for day two of The Makeup Show. It made me feel my age [I tend to have a baby face, especially in photos], and quite glamorous.

I made several friends and learned valuable information on products, makeup application, social media and branding yourself; and I had the great pleasure of hearing artists such as Beau Nelson, Michael Devellis, James Vincent, Sara Faella, and bloggers Lianne Farbes [The Makeup Girl], and Felicia Walker Benson [This That Beauty] speak.

Can't say enough about The Makeup Show NYC!!!




  1. Your eyes are GORGEOUS!!


  2. Wow your eye make up is realllly Pretty! Love it!!


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