Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeup Monday

Not that every Monday will be Makeup Monday, because I am NOT regimented. I'm scatterbrained,  sporadic, wild, impulsive, and I fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. So we shall see where this goes.

In other news, here's a green eyes makeup look I did for work the other day.

And I dyed my hair. It's non-permanent so it will wash out soon. I needed something to hold me over until I can get to the salon. But for now, it's DARK.

I  forgot to clean up my lips before I ran out the door for work so ignore them. I usually eat breakfast in the car on the way, which means I don't sweep lipstick on until after I've brushed my teeth at the job. It's a swell way to start the day.

Did you do something spectacular this weekend?



  1. Great eyes, they look lovely.

    Emma x

  2. I can't be happy until I have these green eyes! I am trying it tomorrow. (the makeup that is.)

  3. Thanks ladies! Sarah, green will look gorgeous with you skin tone and hair color! Show pictures please!


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