Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY glitter shoes

I've seen do-it-yourself glitter shoes all over blogs and Pinterest for a while now and decided to take it upon myself to make a pair. I sadly don't have the moolah that it takes to purchase the well-made glitter shoes, so I figured this would be a swell way to join the trend without spending much.

I started with this pair of suede booties from Target: 

 I used these supplies from JoAnns:

Mod podge, a large paint brush,  loose gold glitter, and painter's tape (forgot to add him in the photo)

Next I mixed the glue and the mod podge together with the brush:

Then I taped the areas of the shoes that I did not want to be glitter-i-fied. (Forgot to photograph that step. Feel free to use your imagination).

After that step, I painted the first layer of glitter glue onto the shoes (Also forgot to photograph painting it on the shoes so here is a photo of the glue swiped across paper so you can the idea:

After painting the first layer, I waited about an hour and painted another layer. Waiting. More waiting. Psssssssssssssssss (blowing on them to dry faster). Afterwards I painted on them in spots where it was missing a little glitter. Then I waited more. And more.

In total it was about 2.5 layers (the .5 is where I just spot painted the shoes)

I'd say this was a 4 hour project at least, but with my easily distracted track record, it probably took closer to 7. Though a lot of this is due to the shoes needing to dry. I'm going to buy a can of finishing spray/sealant to spray on the shoes and I think after that, THEY'LL BE READY TO WEAR.

Finished product:

They're gorgeous I know :)

Let me know if you have tried this project or something similar and how it turned out for you!!



  1. HoTT shoes! OMG! I am gonna go see if there are any old shoes in my closet that I can bedazzle. These turned out nice. THanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Sarah! You can also paint an old pair of shoes with acrylic paint and that is super sweet. I'll have to post about a pair I painted soon. Show us what you do with yours!


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