Friday, October 21, 2011

It hurts, it hur...Oh, never mind. It's just makeup.

With Halloween around the corner, I thought why not publish another post about special effects makeup? (In all actuality, it's just my latest makeup obsession and has nothing to do with the season. I'm  expanding my repertoire basically). 

I always thought that to create special effects looks you had to have high quality theater products, and for this reason have not attempted it. And yes, the higher quality the better the look as with most anything. However, what you're about to see I created with simple craft and makeup products. IT'S SO COOL!!!

I get a tad pumped about this stuff. It's just so smashingly cool. So, so, so, so. Very so. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Right??

Back to the topic, here's how you can create a gory wound for Halloween or any time you want to give your friends a fright.

Supplies needed: 
1. Mod Podge (I bet other glues would work just as well) 
2. face paint (mine was a cheap brand) I used yellow, red, and blue.
3. tinted moisturizer or foundation (one that matches the skin where you're placing the wound)
4. eye shadow or craft brushes
5. black and brown eyeshadow (must be matte)
6. black eyeliner (paint pot form is best)

Step 1.  Using a thin paint brush, draw the outline of the cut. This will be the "skin" that sticks up and gives it a 3-D effect.  (This is the longest step because you have to wait for it to completely dry)

Step 2. Soften the yellow paint with moisturizer (or regular lotion) and smooth all over the wound to create sickly, jaundiced skin. Paint some of it outside the glue perimeter, because cuts are not perfect. 

Note: Don't you love the extra supplies I added? Chocolate chips make the project even better :)

Step 3. Once the yellow is dry, paint the tinted moisturizer/foundation lightly over it.
           Then softly pat the black liner (or face paint) inside the wound.

Step 4. Blend the black until it looks soft (add moisturizer if it needs to be lighter).
Step 5. Mix a small amount of blue paint with the red to achieve a more realistic blood color. (Most red face paints are too orange based and very fake looking). Once the black is slightly dry, pat the red over it...Don't try to make it look perfect. Remember, this is not a painting, but a grotesque wound. NOT a pretty sight. 
Step 6. Mix the brown eyeshadow with the foundation and blot in random patches around the wound.
Step 7. Blend black eyeshadow into the outer edges on the inside of the wound (I couldn't think of an easier way to explain that)

Step 8. Mix water with your red paint to achieve a watery base, then using a paint brush, flick it randomly onto your skin to make it look like blood spattered out of the wound.
Step 9. Blend the red if it clumps up too much. You're giving the effect of blood that's been wiped off the skin with residue left.
Step 10. Here I added another layer of red to cake it up and give a dried blood effect.
Step 11. Pat more black or brown shadow around the edges to enhance the crusty blood effect.

Step 12. For a final more realistic look, take an angle brush and lightly sweep the brown shadow in small slits over the edge of the mod podge skin. This breaks up (pun intended? : P) the perfect looking skin and makes it look more broken.

You're finished!!!

I'm in so much pain, can't you tell?

I probably should have put on mascara, because I look like a thirteen year old. Never mind, that's not the point.

Here's my roommate, Ashley with a bruise I gave her. We make quite the injured pair. My next post will be how to get her bruise. Because it's so fashionable, no?
Now go out and scare your friends!!! I actually texted a picture of it to a friend and asked "Do you have any peroxide?"...Mwahahaha. I couldn't resist. Very disturbed, she was preparing to run over and assist me before I explained. Mischief managed. We're still friends :) 




  1. truly hideous.
    worth the wait. It looks perfectly dreadful.
    Next slumber party we are doing gashes!!!

  2. I like the sound of that! We can scare the neighbors too :)


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