Thursday, April 18, 2013

Makeup Photo a Day 45: How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles or Shadows

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While I am very blessed to have minimal darkness under my eyes, after three days of 15 hour shoot days and very little sleep, I can look pretty exhausted.

This is my FAVORITE makeup tip of all time because it's so simple and so many people "suffer" from this.

Here's the secret key to getting rid of darkness!

Because the darkness under eyes is usually a blueish tone, you must use blue's complementary color ORANGE. Yes, orange is the secret. I used the shade from my Ben Nye concealer palette, but I've also used orange shaded lipsticks and lip pencils. It's a great thing orange is so hot right now!

how to get rid of dark circles, ben nye concealer palette

You'll need to mix a very small amount of the orange with your concealer. I use a smaller amount of orange than the swatch in this picture. I just wanted to get a clear picture of it.
get rid of dark circles, ben nye concealer, makeup tips
 I dab a small amount of the orange on my fingertip and mix it into my concealer. [Mixing the colors on your hand softens them from your body heat and prepares them for your skin. That way you're not pulling the skin around your eye much. It's very sensitive skin!]
get rid of dark circles, ben nye concealer, makeup tips
It's extremely minimal [you don't want to see it!] but you can see under my left eye [if left and rights confuse you like me, it's the eye on the right side of the picture. Don't make fun.]
get rid of dark circles, makeup tips
Another tip: PAT ever so softly, DO NOT rub or pull the skin to blend it. It will weaken the skin and over time, will wrinkle you prematurely.

I hope this helps you tremendously!


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