Friday, January 27, 2012

Night Time Makeup Shoot

The lovely and talented Bri and I got together for an indoor night shoot last week and boy, was it splendid! Bri is one of my oldest and closet friends and I adore creating art with her. She often doesn't give herself enough credit in the talent department so I'll do it for her...Ladies and Gents, someday you will hear her name and it will be synonymous with the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Tim Walker, Nick Knight, and Patrick Demarchelier. (Sorry Bri, I only know fashion photographers).

If you're interested in the photography elements of the shoot, head over to Bri's post about the shoot.

These next shots (images 1 and 3) are from a "shoot" we did in tenth grade (See? We've always been dabbling in our fields :). The 2nd and 4th images are our recreation of them. I think it's fascinating to see how much I've changed.

Is it possible to be TOO passionate? I think not. I have passion for shoots flowing out my ears :). That made more sense in my head. Anyway.

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