Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revisiting the 60's

I love all things 60's, especially the makeup. It's dramatic, eye-popping, and f-u-n.  This style was inspired by a host of looks I have seen but I drew most inspiration from this picture:

I was especially drawn to the two long, black eyeliner wings with white liner drawn between for more definition. My camera did not pick up the white liner on my *very* fair face but, trust me, twas there indeed! And since my mood dictates my look EVERY DAY, I topped my face off with fuchsia lipstick.

There you have it!

I'm pretty stoked about my next post because it involves night photography, my dahling (Purposely spelled it that way!) friend Bri (a stellar photographer), and makeup. Also because, simply put, it's swell.

Later tater!


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